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In recent months, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been putting up large mobile billboards on trucks throughout major cities in Australia. These campaigns are an excellent way to reach a large, potential audience, especially younger people. These mobile billboards advertising are a great way to reach y
our target audience, and they allow for a participatory experience that focuses on personal interactions. Digital billboard trucks also provide an opportunity to collect valuable information about your target audience.
The biggest benefit of political advertising on trucks is the exposure they can garner. By bringing your campaign’s message directly to voters, you can attract thousands of people to a rally or public event. A digital billboard truck that displays your message in high traffic areas is also a great way to get your name out to a larger audience and gain insight into the issues at hand. You can even enlist volunteers to help your campaign by posting digital ads on trucks itself.
Political advertising must be in compliance with federal law. In addition, they must include a candidate voiceover that occupies at least 80 percent of the vertical screen space. Additionally, non-authorized communications must include an audio statement from the paying party. For example, if your ads on trucks displays a political ad, the audio statement must include “XXX” for the party paying for the ad. And, if you’re promoting a candidate, the digital billboard truck must display an authorization notice.
If you’re wondering how political advertising on trucks can affect your election, consider the benefits of digital mobile billboards. These vehicles are located in the communities where you want your ads to reach. These mobile billboards provide a participatory and up-close-and-personal experience, connecting you with voters and generating more votes. To learn more, contact us.
One such advertisement was posted uncredited online and quickly became a viral hit. It featured a tweet from former president Trump and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, highlighting the longstanding political rivalry between the two men. For 22 days, the ad was shown in Texas and Houston and featured Sandy Hook survivor David Hogg. It was also displayed at a Beyonce concert. This tactic is becoming more popular.
Mobile billboard advertising are a highly effective form of political advertising. Digital billboard trucks are able to reach large audiences and can be customized to suit your budget, unlike traditional outdoor advertising. Digital billboard trucks are an inexpensive and effective option for political advertising due to their visibility. Just remember that a political ad on a digital billboard truck is more likely to be seen by a much larger audience than an ad on a street or billboard in a mall.
Another benefit of political advertising on digital billboards on trucks is their accessibility. This truck advertising option allows political teams to take advantage of real-time messages as well as geo-targeting. They can also set their own budgets and have national coverage. This is especially beneficial during the Democratic National Convention. Lastly, truck advertising are easy to use, accept credit cards, and offer round-the-clock access. They are available 24 hours per day, which is the best thing about them.
Although the Supreme Court has ruled against Arizona’s ordinance prohibiting political advertising on billboards placed on public property, it still believes that facially-based laws are valid. According to the Billboard Owners Association Act, digital billboards can be used on trucks. The case was decided with a vote of 6-3. It is not clear how long the law will remain in place before it is repealed. A new Texas case is pending that could assist businesses in their digital billboard truck projects.
Another example is a truck that shows a picture of a devastated San Francisco street after an earthquake. A website link is included in the advertisement that provides information on disaster preparedness and relief efforts. It is an excellent way to reach a large audience. It is a great choice for political campaigns. This form of advertising is great because it can be used to reach a wide audience. If your campaign is looking to increase voter turnout, digital billboard truck  is a great solution.

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