The World’s Most Creative Advertising On Trucks

advertising on led trucks

American roads are home to some pretty unique truck advertisements. Check out these examples from Mexico, Korea, England and West America. They are some of the most unexpected and inspiring on trucks advertisement you ever seen!

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If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you would have surely noticed the vibrant designs of transport trucks which are unlike any other. While not advertisements, the trucks represent the driver and company as a piece of art, something to be marveled at. Every region has its own decorations. Beautiful pictures are painted on to the trucks and tassels decorated with flowers are hung to give them a vibrant flair that demonstrates their creative. Because of the long travel times that some of these drivers have to endure to get to their destinations, their truck becomes their second home and a symbol of their livelihood.

creative ads on trucks

Similarly in Korea, truck-enthusiasts create stunning light displays on their trucks. Whole families spend months decorating their trucks in thousands of lights, taking them look to a whole new level.

unique ads on trucks

England takes on the “go big or go home” mentality when it comes to truck advertising. Ad industry has long been considered the world’s best when it comes to creativity, and other European countries have followed suit.

unique advertising on trucks

This is why European truck-side ads are some of the most visually striking and idea-driven of them all. Many have even won awards for their out-of-the-box thinking.

creative advertising on trucks

Down in West America, they’re using technology on their trucks in an entirely new way. For example, Samsung placed large screens on the back of their trucks that reflect a live video transmitted by a wireless camera on the front of the truck to show cars what’s happening farther ahead. This innovative design uses truck-side technology to help save lives while on the road.

advertising on led trucks

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The truck-side advertising scene around the world is definitely one of endless creativity and innovation. By exploring the many different campaigns that big-thinking companies and their agencies from around the world have put out there, we can take inspiration to come up with the next ground-breaking idea right here at not stand still and advertise, demonstrating in New York the creativity in implementing advertising companies of their clients