NFT & Crypto Advertising

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are the latest trend in tech. South Africa’s Volkswagen SA subsidiary launched an interactive campaign to promote its Polo car. It featured NFTs hidden around the city. It also involved social media platforms, such as Twitter, and a contest that saw people tweet screenshots of NFTs they had found. The campaign was a hit, with more than half a million NFTs generated.
Brands have found ways to use OOH to their advantage, too. NFT moments are being sold at $9 per piece by the NBA’s Top Shot. Since October 2020, it has generated over $700 million in sales. This is a hugely anticipated entertainment event. Using NFTs in this way, brands can easily reach a wider audience. For example, Digital Artist Jonas Leriche exploited a large format TSQ DOOH to increase his Instagram social clout.
NFTs gained momentum over the last year and are expected to be a major player in the marketing industry by 2022. Brands are using NFTs to advertise, promote milestones, celebrate anniversaries, boost their social media following, and support charity campaigns. NFTs are so well-known that they have been so successful! There are more ways for brands to take advantage of NFT advertising.
Coca-Cola released a series of four NFTs. These animated digital artworks let consumers interact with the art and unlock surprises. These NFTs were created to increase entertainment value and generate anticipation. They were sold to raise funds for Special Olympics USA charity. So, why not take advantage of this trend ? Just think of the possibilities. The next time you see a NFT, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride.
If you’ve ever wondered how an NFT campaign works, you’ll be impressed with how the brand is incorporating technology to connect with its target audience. The company partnered with Ticketmaster and Polycat Animation studio to design and develop the NFT campaign. The campaign’s goal is to attract a younger demographic to their brand, which is increasingly becoming more digitally enabled. The NFTs are embedded in the NFTs, with prizes for the first to find them. The NFTs were also used to promote a special Volkswagen car in games such as Gran Turismo 7.
The latest trend in NFT advertising is the McDonald’s NFT. In November, the fast food chain brought back its famous McRib. To celebrate this new offering, it released a competition with three NFTs. Twitter was used to host the contest. Those who participated could win free products from the brand. McDonald’s also launched a competition that gave away three additional NFTs in limited edition.
There are a variety of benefits to NFT ads on trucks. First of all, it provides a unique opportunity for artists to sell their work. The auction’s highlights reel is online and has a unquestionable collector value. Secondly, NFTs allow companies to offer their products in a variety of mediums, including art and fashion. However, they may not be the most practical medium for artists’ sales, as they will have to make them appear in a large number of locations in order to maximize their exposure.